Dialysis Jackets started out as a way to keep Sandra comfortable during her dialysis treatments.

Complaining about being cold and all the clamps and tubing, her family knew there had to be a better way to keep her and other patients warm during treatments.

MEET SANDRA POUTRE - it all started with her

Dialysis Jackets all started with Sandra. Sandra's family wanted to find a way to keep her warm and comfortable throughout her treatments. Sandra was always cold during treatments and hated to have to roll up her sleeve to be attached to all the tubings and clamps and needles leaving her arm exposed and then trying to keep warm with a blanket on top of her - which often slid off. This just frustrated Sandra to no end; to the point that Sandra complained on each and every treatment that there had to be a better way. A better way for patients like herself to stay warm and comfortable during treatments. The complaining got so bad to the doctors and nurses, that her family started to think of possible ways to keep her smiling again and comfortable - and of course, to stop complaining. With Sandra's help and the family's input, the Dialysis Jackets was gradually born. Sandra and other patients tried out the the fleece jackets which are machine washable and stain resistant and loved them! The jackets helped tremendously in keeping control of body temperature and eliminating all the clamps and tugging on clothing and the access site.


Enriching Lives One Person At a Time

Our vision is to offer warmth, comfort and safety for those needing dialysis services across the nation and enriching lives one person at a time.


To Provide Excellent Patient Comfort & Care

To ensure that every dialysis patient receives the best treatment and comfort in order to eliminate the effects of severe injury by needles and tubing being tugged on or pulled out. To help doctors and nurses to provide excellent patient care, to improve current core values.

I was constantly cold and freezing during my dialysis treatments, and hated all the clamps and tubing. I especially disliked being clipped on and tugged.

Sandra Poutre


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