The Original Dialysis Jackets to keep you warm and safe.

The only Jacket that works for both Catheters and Fistulas - Left or Right Side with an integrated tubing management system for ease on nurses & technicians.


• More comfortable and safer for patients due to less possible strain or tugging on access site.


• Long access zippers to get fistulas on any part of the arm, whether it is high on the bicep or by the wrist allows for easy access with great visibility for nurses and technicians.


• Integrated tubings management system. Easy for staff to keep tubing neat and safe. No need to tape or clamp tubing to the patient.


• Zippered and hook and loop access points on both Left and Right Chest for Catheters.


The Original Dialysis Jackets that will keep you warm and safe!


Don't just take our word for it.


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